Buy into the Arts

Kimberley’s natural beauty, unlimited recreational opportunities, and affordable lifestyle mean that it will continue to grow as a first-rate community for residents and visitors alike. But the Kimberley Arts at Centre 64 knows that a thriving, vibrant, and inclusive arts scene is equally essential to our community’s success and long-term viability.

Centre 64 plays a vital role in our community. As Kimberley’s primary arts facility, it provides exhibition and studio space for visual artists and performance and rehearsal space for performing artists of all ages and abilities. Over 100 artists and artisans exhibit in the gallery annually and several thousand patrons enjoy plays and concerts by local and touring performers in the theatre each year. Workshops and other arts and crafts projects involve many more local residents.

But there are challenges. Presently the theatre has seating for an audience of only 126. For creative and entertaining activities to continue and grow with the community, more space and greater accessibility to the arts centre are needed.

We’re addressing these challenges. The KAC wishes to renovate and expand the arts centre to accommodate a ground floor theatre that will seat up to 250. In June 2011, we purchased the land adjacent to Centre 64 so that we have a place to grow into.

Now, we’re continuing to fundraise to renovate Centre 64 and to build a new facility in the future. We’ve already made improvements to our front entrance way, we’ve made the Centre 64 theatre accessible for all patrons, and the theatre has had an upgrade including new seats! We need your continued support to ensure that Centre 64 can serve the entire community and bring great arts programming to all.

You can help! Donate to Centre 64’s Building Expansion and Renovation Fund and make the dream of an active, accessible arts facility a reality. Donations can be dropped off at Centre 64 or mailed to Kimberley Arts Council, 64 Deer Park Avenue, Kimberley,  BC, V1A 2J2. Kimberley Arts Council-Centre 64 Society is a registered charity, and donations are tax-deductible. Donations of goods and services are also needed from time to time, for fundraising auctions and events.

WANTED: Pennies for the Arts!

We are still collecting pennies which will be put towards the Centre 64 expansion fund.

For further information, please contact Carol Fergus, Building Expansion and Renovation Committee Chair, at 250-427-2258.