We are looking for volunteers to help us during gallery opening hours. COVID-19 measures require changes in our day-to-day gallery operations. To keep visitors and staff safe, we need someone to be in Studio 64 during gallery opening hours to ensure contact tracing and hand sanitizing measures are being followed and to provide visitors with a mask if they choose to use one. Gallery opening hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 1-5 pm Do you feel inspired to help us open the gallery in August? Let us know what day(s) and time(s) would work for you! Any help is appreciated. Please contact Christine or Irma at 250-427-4919 or info@kimberleyarts.com *** Opening up our gallery again and keeping our community safe are our priorities at the moment. Achieving both is challenging and we could use your help.

When we open the gallery we would like to provide people with the opportunity to wear a mask. It would be great if we could give away masks, and we are looking for people that would like to make masks for our gallery visitors.

Please contact us if you are willing and able to help. 250-427-4919 | info@kimberleyarts.com