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Kaleidoscope 2020 Open Adjudicated Exhibition

16th Annual Adjudicated Regional Exhibition for Established and Emerging Artists

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People’s Choice Award ($150 prize): make sure to vote for your favourite art piece! Voting deadline: August 29th, 2020, 4 PM.
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Not all exhibition entries are available online. There’s more to see in the gallery at Centre 64!


Title Name Price Medium Size
Emerging Artists – Kaleidoscope Exhibition
Fumbling Brian Leeb NFS Watercolour & Ink 18″x24″
We Come From Away Edwin Alm $350 Acrylic on Canvas 20″x16″x1″
Harlequin’s Arrival Edwin Alm $350 Acrylic on Canvas 24″x30″x1″
Whisper Elizabeth Stuart $275 Acrylic 16″x20″x1.5″
Mystery Elizabeth Stuart $300 Acrylic 18″x24″x1.5″
Stand Tall Elizabeth Stuart $300 Acrylic 18″x24″x1.5″
Brandy Juliet Austin $218.75 Inkjet Print AP Limited Edition 19.7″x19.7″
1-45 numbered Limited Edition Inkjet Prints are available $22.32
Connections Lenore Gish $150 Watercolour 12.5″x9.5″x1″
NO! Lenore Gish $130 Watercolour 12.5″x9.5″x1″
Quilter’s Daughter Lenore Gish $130 Watercolour 13.5″x10.5″x0.5″
Moonlit Howl Nicole Cowden $80 Acrylic 16″x12″x0.5″
Sunset Sail Nicole Cowden $65 Acrylic 12″x12″x0.5″
Lilac Bouquet Nicole Cowden $50 Acrylic 12″x9″x0.5″
Giant in the Fog Autumn Baxter $1,250 Acrylic 30″x40″x2″
Mother’s Footsteps Autumn Baxter $950 Acrylic 36″x24″x2″
Nature’s Beauty Autumn Baxter $200 Acrylic 9″x12″x1″
Alaska Brittney McLean $500 Oil on Canvas 12″x16″x0.5″
Giving Hands Brittney McLean $130 Acrylic on Canvas 10″x8″x1.5″
Kimberley Trails After Work Brittney McLean $100 Watercolour on Paper 10″x8″x0.5″
Established Artists – Kaleidoscope Exhibition
Sunflowers #101 Jurgen Flemming (Yoki) $165 Acrylic 13″x16″
Cheerie Jurgen Flemming (Yoki) $145 Acrylic 12″x12″x1″
Bugaboos Jurgen Flemming (Yoki) $185 Acrylic 16.5″x20.5″
Remains Of a Day Dawn Fenwick $930 Acrylic 36″x24″x1.5″
How Time Flies Dawn Fenwick $595 Acrylic 20″x20″x1.5″
Classics Beauty Dawn Fenwick $315 Acrylic 16″x20″x1.5″
Tree on Plaster Elaine Rudser $135 Ink Monoprint on Plaster with Bas-Relief, Stained Birch 15″x13.5″1.25″
High Wheeling Gent Elaine Rudser NFS Sock, Textiles, Metal bike 21″x12.5″x7″
A Gift Neal Panton $600 Photography Metal Print 24″x36″
Mack the Knife Neal Panton $600 Photography 24″x30″
White Buddha Twila L. Austin $300 Clay Sculpture 5.5″x4.5″x5″
Quixote Moon Walter Comper $800 Engraved Metal 36″x6″x36″
Fire and Water Freya Fullner $650 Acrylic 31″x35″
Ice Freya Fullner $500 Acrylic 24″x33″

For more information or to purchase art pieces, please contact us at Centre 64: 250-427-4919 | |

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Twila & Tony Austin Twila & Tony Austin from Kimberley wrote on August 5, 2020 at 12:22 am:
Amazing variety of excellent work! A Thank you to everyone.