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Current Exhibition

“Raw Material: Elementally Female”
In the gallery from July 4 to 29

A collaborative show by nine women artists from across five decades,
presented by Kimberley painter and ceramicist Helen Robertson.

Artists, crossing six decades, with each artist representing their experiences visually using a variety of raw materials.  Expect an edgy show of art, including installations in ceramic, metal, textiles, print, found objects and paint.

Exhibition Opening Reception
July 8, 2-4 pm

Article for ARTiculate magazine about Darcy Wanuk/Helen Robertson exhibitions, June/July 2017 – by Mike Redfern

 Two shows on a material theme 

The Gallery at Centre 64 in Kimberley will host two consecutive exhibitions on a similar theme this summer. From June 6 to July 1 Kimberley fibre artist Darcy Wanuk will present ‘Material Change’, an exhibition of artworks using recycled, upcycled, and repurposed materials, followed from July 4 to 29 by ‘Raw Materials: Elementally Female’, a collaborative show by nine women artists from across five decades, presented by Kimberley painter and ceramicist Helen Robertson.

The focus of ‘Material Change’ is on upcyling materials to increase value and longevity and, by doing so, protect the environment. Darcy points out that the waste created by discarded textiles is second only to that produced by oil and that water required to grow cotton for new textiles has so reduced some water sources that the former Aral Sea is now more desert than water.

‘Material Change’ will feature Darcy’s repurposed textiles and reconstructed clothing along with the works of two Creston artists, Win Dinn and Bart Bjorkman. Win is working on several pieces including a mirror created from a disused and badly beaten table top, a chalk-painted and stenciled upcycled occasional table, and a pair of curtains made from dryer sheets and cheesecloth. Dryer sheets will also feature in a number of vessels and vases, all part of Win’s credo of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose’.

Bart Bjorkman’s repurposed and upcycled pieces will include among others a glass-topped coffee table made from an antique washing machine, a canister light from an industrial coffee pot, and a large coffee table that was once a vintage railway freight cart to which he has added a distressed concrete top. “I enjoy repurposing vintage pieces, especially if there is a story attached,” explains Bjorkman. One such piece is a round vessel sink on a vintage industrial stand from a mine in northern Idaho, the design influenced by 1700 year old Croatian washstands.

For ‘Raw Materials: Elementally Female’ Helen Robertson has gathered together a group of women whom she describes as “creatively using a wide range of raw materials to express themselves with determination, perseverance, commitment and resilience.” Robertson will exhibit a textile, clay & paint assemblage, ‘Re-Sist with Pink’, inspired by the pink hat brigade that protested President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The show will include a mixed media & photographic installation of female body images by Heather Wattie; abstract paintings and photographs by Joyce Luna; printed images on fabrics by Athena Knibbs; paintings by Jennifer Johnston that explore female connectedness to nature, spirituality and healing; drawn images on animal skulls by Kimberley Jackson reflecting life’s raw ugliness and extraordinary beauty; paintings on sculpted metal by Cheri Knutson; landscape paintings by landscape designer Diane Costerton; and felting & textiles from raw fibres by Darcy Wanuk.

            “All the women are committed to create and explore their identity as females,” Robertson comments. “It takes sheer determination, true grit, to create this work for women who also run homes raise children, and have careers.”

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