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Live Auction: Art & Garden Tour paintings

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The beautiful art pieces created in the gardens during our 2nd annual Art & Garden Tour will be auctioned off at a live auction at the Arts on the Edge gala reception on Friday, August 24th. The gala starts at 7:30 pm, the door will be open at 7 pm. All proceeds of the live auction will go to the Kimberley Kaleidoscope Art & Culture Festival.

Artist: Ellen Chase
Value: $40

Artist: Laurie Crawford
Value: $290

Artist: Sue Pighin
Value: $175

Artist: Ellen Chase
Value: $40

Artist: Brenda McLennan
Value: $75

Artist: Ursula Kaufmann
Value: $

More photos and information to follow soon…

The winners are…

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The winners of the 14th Annual Adjudicated Regional Exhibitions for Established & Emerging Artists are as follows:

Emerging Artists Exhibition
1st Prize: Birch Tree Winter Scene by Gisele Banich
2nd Prize: Alice’s Garden by Edwin Alm
3rd Prize: These Birthday Candles Start Wildfires by Katherine P. Hopkins
Honourable Mention: Into the World by Julia Kube

Established Artists Exhibition
1st Prize: St. Mary’s Lake Serenity by Sam Millard
2nd Prize: Spiral of Man by Walter Comper
3rd Prize: Cat Lady by Elaine Rudser
Honourable Mention: Grass Height by Grant Smith
Honourable Mention: Prairie Summer by Jan Zora
Honourable Mention: Proud Peacock by Gloria Elliott
Honourable Mention: Running Free by Gloria Elliott
Honourable Mention: Breath by Diane McKee
Honourable Mention: 1.618 Spiral Connections: Phi in Utero
Honourable Mention: Little Button Deer by Kelly McAteer
Honourable Mention: Ever Evolving by Lori Craig
Honourable Mention: Crazy River by Janet Mueller


Centre 64 Public Art Project: Call to Artists

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Kimberley Arts Council – Centre 64 is applying for a grant to provide funding for a mural to be painted on the south wall of Centre 64.

Artists are invited to submit conceptual designs.

– The theme of the mural is the programs, activities, and events that make up life at Centre 64.

– The dimensions of the actual mural will be approximately 46 feet wide 25 feet high.

– Conceptual designs should be a minimum of approximately 11 x 17 inches (ledger/tabloid size).

Designs should be submitted by mail, email (, or in person to the administrator at Kimberley Arts Council -Centre 64, 64 Deer Park Avenue, Kimberley BC, V1A 2J2

Submission deadline: 5 pm, Saturday, September 1st 2018

The artist of the winning design will be awarded the contract for the mural, if the grant application is successful.

For further information contact the administrator at 250-427-4919 or