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Live Auction: Art & Garden Tour paintings

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The beautiful art pieces created in the gardens during our 2nd annual Art & Garden Tour will be auctioned off at a live auction at the Arts on the Edge gala reception on Friday, August 24th. The gala starts at 7:30 pm, the door will be open at 7 pm. All proceeds of the live auction will go to the Kimberley Kaleidoscope Art & Culture Festival.

Artist: Ellen Chase
Value: $40

Artist: Laurie Crawford
Value: $290

Artist: Sue Pighin
Value: $175

Artist: Ellen Chase
Value: $40

Artist: Brenda McLennan
Value: $75

Artist: Ursula Kaufmann
Value: $

More photos and information to follow soon…

The winners are…

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The winners of the 14th Annual Adjudicated Regional Exhibitions for Established & Emerging Artists are as follows:

Emerging Artists Exhibition
1st Prize: Birch Tree Winter Scene by Gisele Banich
2nd Prize: Alice’s Garden by Edwin Alm
3rd Prize: These Birthday Candles Start Wildfires by Katherine P. Hopkins
Honourable Mention: Into the World by Julia Kube

Established Artists Exhibition
1st Prize: St. Mary’s Lake Serenity by Sam Millard
2nd Prize: Spiral of Man by Walter Comper
3rd Prize: Cat Lady by Elaine Rudser
Honourable Mention: Grass Height by Grant Smith
Honourable Mention: Prairie Summer by Jan Zora
Honourable Mention: Proud Peacock by Gloria Elliott
Honourable Mention: Running Free by Gloria Elliott
Honourable Mention: Breath by Diane McKee
Honourable Mention: 1.618 Spiral Connections: Phi in Utero
Honourable Mention: Little Button Deer by Kelly McAteer
Honourable Mention: Ever Evolving by Lori Craig
Honourable Mention: Crazy River by Janet Mueller